Data Science Machine Learning and AI Projects

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Also available in Hindi on request 

The projects are delivered online via Live interactive lectures over scheduled dates.


7 Days Live workshop in 2 hours per session format.

Based on the individual's or students' group schedule enrolled in this program

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Live Projects for Engineering Students and Professionals with documentation and explanation in 7 day Live workshop format. Choose any 2 projects of your choice and Learn on the GO.

Who is this for ?

Anyone who is interested in doing project work only in the field of 

Data Science, Machine Learning , AI , Deep Learning, NLP , Computer Vision or related. Helpful for Engineering Students or Professionals who have fundamental knowledge in this field but need guided help 

along with project report and documentation.

• Classification of Restaurant review with NLP
• Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Dataset
• Cancer detection with CNN
• Wine quality prediction using XGboosting
• Chatbot using Python
• Car Mileage prediction using Python
• House pricing prediction
• Face Recognition
• Car CO2 Prediction
• Stock Price prediction
• Movie Ratings & Success prediction
• Big Mart sales Prediction
• MNIST Handwritten Digit Classification
• Fake News Detection
• Facial Emotion Recognition
• Diabetes Prediction using Data Mining
• Smart Health prediction

Choose from variety of projects available and based on your requirement.

• Personality Prediction System
• TV shows Popularity Analysis
• Twitter Trend analysis
• Predictive Analysis - Agriculture
• Students Grades prediction
• And many more

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